Types of tents

There are many makes and models of tents today. Tent size is described by the number of people who can occupy a tent at a go. The bigger the tent, the more the people it can accommodate.
Today tents are made of different fabrics; it is no longer the traditional canvas.

Types of tents


Cotton makes an excellent material for tents. It is however rare today. The only disadvantage of canvas tents is that it is heavier compared to tents made from modern fabrics. The wonderful smell inside a cotton tent cannot be compared to anything else. Cotton breathes by itself hence less condensation and suspension compared to modern fabrics.

PVC coated canvas tents

PVC coating is used to make tents waterproof and strong. Such tents have an added weight and tent condensations. You should note that condensation can be a big problem with any fabric coated tent. You must, therefore, make sure that there is enough condensation.

Polycotton canvas tents

It is a natural blend of cotton and polyester. Smaller fabrics with similar lengths can be achieved. Just like cotton, the tent can be left uncoated, but you must treat it for it to repel water.


Polyester tents come in different coatings. Different manufacturers name them differently depending on the coating used. When buying polyester tents, consider those with breathable coatings and that which does not provide moisture. Choose a material that does not shrink to get baggy. Material not easily affected by the sun is preferred too.


This is the cheapest tent you will get around. But you must know that it does not absorb water. This can imply that the fabric is as light as you want. In addition to that, it is affected by UV lights. Exposure to sunlight shortens its lifespan. To reduce this effects, light filters can be used. If you want a fireproof tent, I am sorry there is none. Tent manufacturers claim that their tents are fireproof, but in the real sense all tents can burn down. Avoid tools with open flames.

Tent for events

If you are planning an outdoor event, consider using huge tents. This is to make sure that no matter the weather your guests will feel comfortable. Do not always feel comfortable with a shining sun; it might rain hours later or even when the sun is bright. Better be safe than sorry.