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I’m Leila, the founder, creator and baker at Pâtisserie Leila. Pâtisserie Leila was established in 2020 and started as a way for me to showcase my home-baking journey. I’ve always loved baking at home for my family and friends, and shortly after baking my first batch of macarons, I was obsessed. The level of precision needed to bake a perfect batch of macarons is an art and a science, and it’s something I’m now delighted to be able to share. 

Throughout the years, Pâtisserie Leila has transformed into a small-batch home pâtisserie with a focus on quality ingredients. Our macarons are made with local, organic eggs, high quality ground almonds, luxury French chocolate, 100% nut butters and 100% fruit purees. We believe that using the highest quality ingredients makes a huge difference to the taste and texture of our macarons and is one of the reasons they stand out from many of the macarons on the market.


We are fully registered and insured and all of our products are made in our 5-star hygiene rated kitchen in Wiltshire. 

We offer themed macarons, number box macarons for special birthdays, giant macarons, macaron favours and macaron towers for special occasions and weddings. Our macarons can also be found at Farmer’s markets throughout Wiltshire and the Cotswolds.


If you’d like more information about how to order and where to find us, please visit our shop or check our social media pages. 

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